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Dog and Puppy News!

Families are coming this weekend to pick out their baby! I can hardly believe they have grown so fast.

There is wrestling of the cutest kind going on with both litters.  More vocal discussions going on in the Kenai group at this time, but that little Peach in Pink's litter doesn't mind speaking her mind I can tell you for sure!  The Kenai's got their new space today complete with litter box.  They did really well with very little complaining.  Photos of that in the album and more portraits sometime this weekend.

You might want to join the Lucky Lady Farms fb page  Please contact me through email though as I consider selling puppies through fb to be a puppy mill like activity. My email!  Serious inquiries only and it is better to reach me via email as my cell phone is not always so great at my house. 

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Our Breeding Program

I have been around Goldens for most of my life.  I am convinced that you could not find a better dog for companionship, intelligence, humor, and family all rolled into one.  Initially I was a Hobby Breeder; breeding for type, health, fun.  Through the years however, it has become a passion.  I am devoted to it and cannot do enough, learn enough, seek out enough to ever be 'finished' in my pursuit of knowledge and aim to better my breeding program.

Our program is focused on structure, health and temperament. We place loving English Golden Retrievers in loving homes.