Lucky Lady Farms

Exquisite English Golden Retrievers

Litters Past and Present
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Herschel @ 8 Weeks
Kate visiting Daisy
Fun-loving Finn
Snowy X Johnny '10
Tink X Johnny '10
Daphne X Johnny '10
Finn -10 months
Gracie "Tink/John...
Lily Stern
Louie (JohnnyxDaisy)
JAZZ (Johnny x Daisy)
Finn/6 Months and 60lbs
Daisey Portraits
Daisey Babies!
More Finn (+4 months)
Cooper Bodne
Tinkerbell's Pixies
KatieCat Anderson
Virtual Memorial Garden
Johnny X Chloe '09
Last Round of Portraits!
Johnny X Daphne
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