A little farm history

by Tamara Shriver


The farm is my childhood home and has been in my family since 1971. We moved into the home in 1973. I was 4, my only sibling Karl was 6. This year (2019) I will turn 50…..and can’t wait for this next chapter!

As far as I can remember the farm always had animals; ducks, chickens, geese, dogs, cats, cows, goats and horses. In all the years I have lived here there was only a 6 week period that we didn’t have a horse on the farm. 

The field where the Hemp is now grown used to be a hay field. The farm produced all it’s own hay for the animals. As the animal population dwindled so did the hay field.

The field sat overgrown with weeds for several years until my dad decided it was time to make some money off of it and leased it. For the past 10 years or so it grew either soybeans or corn.

When the lease came up this past year, my dream to own the property was realized. And so was the tax bill that came along with it. With an interest in alternative solutions, a desire to find a way for the farm to help pay for itself and hemp finally legal to grow, I decided to get in on the bandwagon in the very first year.


In addition to being raised here myself, I raised my own children, Sara and Jack, on this farm.

My daughter, Sara, lives close by with my 4-year old granddaughter, Kaylinn. And my son, Jack, who still lives here on the farm with Ken & I.

My parents, Ralph and Barbara and my brother, Karl, all live close by and everyone is very supportive of this venture. 


It warms my heart to share this farm with yet another generation.

My granddaughter, Kaylinn, says that Grandma Tammy has a “Magic Farm”.

Bless her little heart.

I hope she’s right.