Heavenly Hemp

is a 23-acre site on Lucky Lady Farms, where our quality hemp is grown.

Providing the most natural and highest quality products possible is incredibly important to us. We took great care to ensure our fields are set up to give our plants the best growing conditions possible. It was quite an adventure just to strike water [click here for the story]. In addition to our set up, our farm is located in the middle of the “fruit belt” which is known for its microclimate and rich growing grounds. Couple them up and the result is one amazing product!


Fun Fact: The rich soil in this area is present due to the left over “debris” from glaciers 10,000 years ago.


Now that the farm is operational and our first crop is planted, we are busy making plans to offer this amazing plant a variety of different ways.

Our future plans include providing quality smokable hemp, hemp plants, hemp seed and CBD oils from the products produced on the Heavenly Hemp farm. .

The incredible effects of these products will leave you feeling peaceful, tranquil, pain free to be able to live your best life!

In other words … Heavenly!