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The Dogs now have their own pages......when you scroll to Our Dogs, a sub-menu should come up with individual dogs listed.  Otherwise use these handy links to shortcut there:

Gypsy's Soul Jonatan

Ariel's Majik Under the Sea

Belle's Enchanted Majik

Tinkerbell's Pixie Dust

I'm happy to share a glimpse of personality with you about EACH of my dogs.  I know each of them well and they are all unique.  I think puppy families will want to know what kind of mischief, love, comedy, intelligence, and monkey behavior they might be seeing in their new family members.  This is what makes a golden special.  Otherwise you could easily look to another breed.

Current breeding culture says this is a No-no.   I am not about conforming to a culture who has taken the American golden from where it was merely 30 years ago to where it is today.  There is a new breed (forgive the pun!) of Culture forming in the English Breeding circles.  It is a culture of friendship, cooperation, and shared experience.  This culture also promotes knowledge in the hands of the consumer.  Whether you buy a puppy from Lucky Lady Farms or another reputable breeder, I'd like to be a part of adding to the knowledge you need to make a decision that will be with you, hopefully, for the next 12 years or so.